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Our mission is to make the complicated world simpler through technology. Founded in 2017, as a software development company, we were an early adopter to provide innovative POS systems to Restaurants.

Today, OM Data AS is already a leading company with a strong base in Norway. We are one of the very few companies in the world that offers a full package of innovative POS, Web & Graphic Designing, Reporting and Accounting system to Restaurants.

We have put our leading Web capabilities into our products and services as well as innovative use cases. Over the last one year, we have built a diversified portfolio of products and services with large total market opportunities.

Our portfolio of products and services is accessed by hundreds of devices monthly in Norway and our business spans across an ecosystem of thousands of users, hundreds of thousands of enterprises. Our usage of a strong technology foundation to support an open platform business model not only draws more restaurants into our ecosystem, but also adds richness and vibrancy to our ecosystem, strengthening the long-term prospect and vitality of our business overall.

We have created OM Restaurant Cloud Solution with innovation at global level. We are going to provide cost effective, productive and result oriented all-in-one solution for restaurants, grocery stores, etc.

We use ICT (Information and Communication Tech) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud system including software and hardware in Norway and later in Sweden, Denmark, India. It is a disruptive technology that really makes a difference for users and society both nationally and internationally.

Through our solution i.e. OM Restaurant Cloud Sales can grow upto 20-80%, Cost can reduce to 5-20% and paper work reduces to 30-100%.

With ORC, our members can replace expensive cash register systems ( leasing, rent, transaction fees, licenses, etc.), takeaway companies (often take 15-35%) and high fixed costs often little insight into direct results.

N-Generation short terminal direct sales registration efficient internal communication accepts all popular cards, mobile and QR payments.

Smart User Friendly Back Office

With ORC you have access to all data no matter where in the world you are. Full control over your company in real time without contacting your employees for an overview, sales report, etc.

New Value

  • Increased security and clarity of business data .
  • Reduction in paperwork, waste, climate footprint and annual costs.
  • All-in-one solution.
  • Digitalization.
  • Which simplifies work for the owner, general manager and their employee.
  • Increased efficiency and productivity .
  • Increased customer satisfaction .
  • Increase in sales and trademark recognition .
  • Increase competitiveness.


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