Applies from 2.01.2018

Agreement terms on entering into a contract with:
Glemmengata 31B
1608 Fredrikstad 919419792

The customer is a physical or legal person who is entering into this agreement with OM DATA. The terms of conditions between the parties consists of a contract with an addition.

General Conditions for All Products / Services:

OM DATA reserves the right to start work only when the contract is signed and the first invoices is registered paid. By the signing of the agreement, the terms are accepted in full. OM DATA’s delivery is described in the contract.

The Customer shall keep OM DATA updated on his contact details, such as, for example, address, fax, telephone, mobile phone and e-mail address.

Processing of Customer Information:

Customer data and other information provided by OM DATA AS are stored and processed electronically by OM DATA properly. The purpose of processing customer information is to provide good and relevant services, further develop services, arrange information dissemination, provide basis for billing, accounting, statistics and marketing. OM DATA processes personal information in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Information Act.

Confidentiality, Use of Personal Information:

The parties are bound to keep confidential all company information that they may become familiar with on the basis of this agreement. The parties shall also otherwise exercise appropriate in the processing of confidential information about the other party. The obligation of secrecy and confidentiality also applies after this agreement has been terminated.
OM DATA and customer, as well as their employees and other assistants, are also obliged to keep silence to unauthorised persons regarding their knowledge of each other’s operating and business relations and the contracts entered into.

Payment deadlines, late payment:

OM DATA’s services are delivered according to the agreed product and price.
The invoice is due for payment according to OM DATA’s regular billing routines. Late payment applies for interest rates of payment and fees according to applicable rates.

If the customer considers that the invoice is incorrect, the customer must within a reasonable period of time, within the expiry of the payment period, or, if this is not possible. As long as the complaint is made for payment, the chargeable part of the invoice will not be due. The customer shall pay the undisputed part of the invoice within the due date. In case of partial payment, the customer must indicate what the payment relates to.

The project is carried out within a given time perspective. This depends on the customer submitting feedback and other necessary material such as images, graphics, text and the like in a timely manner.

Customer may make sure to protect its data against unauthorised access, including having satisfactory access to other parties’ unauthosized access or use of their own wireless networks, software or other information.

The agreement is governed by Norwegian law. If disputes arise in connection with the agreement, an attempt shall be made to resolve the dispute by negotiation. Disputes in the terms of conditions with which the parties fail to settle for convenience are brought before the ordinary courts with Fredrikstad as a court of law.

Events outside of OM DATA AS control (strike, lockout, fire, missing deliveries, etc.) entitle OM DATA to terminate the delivery without liability.

Complaint with OM DATA’s services must be addressed in writing to OM DATA for appeal.

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