Our Team


I am a hard working and goal oriented employee who is looking for more challenges in life. I am a learner with determination in my mind and sincerity in my veins.

Anas Iqbal

A Creative and dedicated individual likes to handle responsibilities with new ideas and imagination. I endeavored to achieve what is impossible.

Ashharul Haque

I am a quick learner, adapt things and always look to solve problems at my own. I believe situations can't be same all time so I am always ready for the worst but hope for the best.

Deep kwatra

A management executive who is trying to learn from the scratch. My ethics are, I never neglect an opportunity for my improvement.

Hitesh Sharma

A straightforward and a versatile person who has 11 years of experience in restaurant and hospitality sector. I always try to put wholesome efforts to my work in order to achieve big. I am able to organise & delegate and capable to balance logic with creativity.


A fervent web designer with out-of-the box outlook, also someone who's mostly self distracted by her own doodles and is the happiest behind a camera

Kulbir Kaur

2D & 3D vivacious artist who loves to create new. I love reading books and try to find best solutions to every problem.

Leif Arne Andersson

An experienced sales representative who is passionate about what he works and thrives very well in his social job. I love challenges and creating good relationships with clients.

Navdeep Kaur

An expeditious web designer who loves to take new challenges. I love to work on new technologies and methods to innovate.

Rajeev Thakur

I’m a diligent and patient developer who believes in ground. Love my work and always ready to find ways to every problem.

Rajiv Kumar

I’m creative graphic designer who just love to design. I’m a music enthusiast, a writer and a rapper.

Satbir Saini

I’m a passionate engineer and love to write codes, new programming paradigm and search on new technologies. Hard work is the key for me.

Zuzana Klobucnikova

With over 20 years of experience in tourism sector in various countries of Europe, I am a linchpin employee for any organisation. I carry good communication skills and networking ability. I learn, adapt and apply.